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It is two years now since the color:id range from                                                                         Wella Professionals was launched; it really has                                                                   taken its hold, and is changing the way many hairdressers colour hair. Originally conceived along side Wella by Helen’s former colleague and colour supremo Josh Wood – the reason the product is so special, is because it stops two colours running into each other, which means that two contrasting shades can be placed side-by-side.

‘So what?’, I hear you ask.

Well, the benefits of this, from a colourists point of view, are amazing.

Each client needs a point of difference and with color:id this allows us the freedom to bespoke the colour choice and placement, so that your colour is tailor made for you.

This is couture colour at its finest, being made up from creativity, skill and craft. Three essential ingredients for your ultimate colour experience.

In the here and now of Summer (Summer?) 2016 contemporary hair is of a quality best describes as ‘Glunge’: glam and grunge. Based on an undone texture but with a glamorous quality moving away from the salty dishevelled beach waves into hair that is more premium and lux. Color:id is the perfect compliment for this modern look, with the removal of foils from the application process, the colour is smudged on and merged with bordering colours. With the absence of straight edges our colourists are free to paint with colour and work to accentuate the texture and fall of the haircuts.

If you’re interested to learn more about Color:id then call into our Market St. salon or ring on 586006

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The Wonderful World of Color:id

Helen Gee Hairdressingis proud to be amongst the first in the UK to launch Olaplex as a new in salon service. 

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